Transwomen dating

In my entire life I received only one gift for Valentine's Day from a man so this year I am requesting a class B motor-home as compensation.

He had a fictitious home life, fictitious job or non-job, a fictitious social life and fictitious friends.

He even fabricated a “trans bashing” – this, I found particularly repulsive. Some of them called him “big sis” and took their problems to him.

I thought women who bought into it were un-informed – certainly none of my friends were like that. But I believed at the time that these guys are living proof that GENDER IS A SOCIAL CONSTRUCT. Within a few weeks of him moving in, I realised that this was much, much more than just an occasional bout of self-expression for him.

Men and women should be able to wear whatever they want, without the silly distinction of ”male clothes” or “female” clothes. It was obsessive, and it had an ENORMOUS sexual component.

Even after he started taking internet bought hormones.