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The circulation of the Draft Computer and Cyber Crime Bill (the Draft) has resulted in a barrage of insults directed at the parent ministry and minister for attempting to gag society in light of the recent social media-initiated protests.

As trivial as this may sound, this, in some jurisdictions, is reason to have a Bill revised since courts interpret legislation through the lens of the purpose which gives guidance as to how it should be interpreted. If one wants to see what the Zimbabwean authorities added to the draft, a simple look at the very visible change of fonts will suffice.

The draft was produced in such a rush that the basic tools of cut and paste were applied without taking time to ensure uniformity.

Interception would mean that the State can lawfully have access to your private communication — at all levels.

The magistrate can similarly grant an order for devices to be searched and seized. Here’s the first problem with that: The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) will have no problem in producing false affidavits to a magistrate.

Any change of font size in the text will reveal what the Zimbabwean authorities added.