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On Day 55, Alex replaced Jason with Cody after Matt used the POV on Jason.

On Day 1, Cameron was evicted by an 8-3-2 vote after not being saved by Paul and then losing the safety competition.

On Day 13, Christmas had to leave the Big Brother house temporarily after suffering a foot injury and returned later that day.

On Day 17, Christmas was voted into the Den of Temptation and chose to accept the Ring of Replacement.

Originally from Thousand Oaks, she enjoys knitting, crocheting, baking, going to the gym, going out with friends, hanging out with her family, watching Netflix, hiking, dating, and being lazy. On Day 76, Alex was saved after Paul used the POV to take her off from the block. On Day 84, she was evicted by a 2-1 vote and became the seventh member of the Jury. Cameron Heard (born August 27, 1992), 25, is a microbiologist from Woodridge, Illinois.