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I’ve created a savings goal in Digit (thank you for introducing me to that gem) and plan to use this chart along w/ my YNABing until I no longer freak out when I hear “So babe, I need this thing for work…” Reply haha. But clearly, Joe, you’ve elevated outside of this chart’s target market.

I’m going to see if I can get some friends to try this out with me! The only reservation I’d have with this is that it doesn’t get you in the habit of consistently spending the same amount. (no worries wife person; it’s a blog-reading-money-saving-older-lady in love) Reply This a what savings could look like if you save money every 2 weeks for a year.

On the other hand, I could actually see people having so much fun with this chart that they’d start challenging themselves to go way above and beyond the chart’s challenge! Last month you got me to finally (l-o-n-g stretch there) sign up with Digit – thank you very much I’m $250 ahead already. This what I was talking about when I said I have numbers stuck in my head.

That was one of the biggest takeaways doing my Challenge Everything mission the other year…

Separated savings = multiplied encouragement Here are some parting words from Jamie who came up with this brilliant chart: “A simple way to boost your money saving chart is deciding that any “found money” you get will go into that account. In this way you cut it down into bite size chunks and picking up competitive motivation of beating the game, I’m forwarding this post along to some friends that have trouble saving. I’m already saving a lot to investment accounts and short-term saving accounts.

It’s the perfect way to get some money set aside for Christmas, birthdays, or a vacation. I like how each week you’ll put the savings in a separate account to keep yourself honest. I always preferred the decreasing chart that started high in January and ended low in December – ain’t nobody got extra money around the holidays. – but the con to them is that you never see anything going on so if you need to get your mind right you gotta start with more manual ways first before going that route.