Porn chatrooms - Updating tf2 server

To run a server you can us the Half-Life Dedicated Server Update Tool (HLDS Update Tool), and once you’ve downloaded the you can run it.

When it comes to picking the install location you want to set one up that’s permanent and NOT inside a current TF2/Valve directory, so stay away from the Steam folder in Programs.

Now you have to put in the 5 numbers in the correct places HOWEVER the IP address should have the same form as the IPv4 Address and Default Gateway, but should differ from them in the last value.

For example if your Default Gateway is then your static IP address can be 192.168.0. Port Forwarding Now that your computer has a static IP the next job is to make sure that signal to and from the server can get in and out of your router, to do this you use port forwarding.

Next you need to get some numbers from your router, to do this you should be able to view your routers status online by typing the Default Gateway into the address bar of your internet browser of choice.

If you don’t know the username and password for your router you can look here or try ringing your internet service provider.

There are so many different routers that I can’t really walk you through how to actually do the port forwarding, but I can direct you to a brilliant site called Port Forward that should be able to show you how to do it for your router.