Xbox 360 not updating games

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I asked my friend if it had updated fo him to make sure I wasn't mistaken, and he said that it had.

Can someone please give me any suggestions to why this might me(it's on my hard drive, not a cloud save, and there is a ton of room left on said hard drive, so it's not a matter of 'Oh, your hard drive is full.' ) It's driving me crazy not knowing why it's not updated(I like to be in the know about things, okay?

Those are basically the only two ways to update an Xbox that is not connected to the Internet!

If you have any problems, post a comment here and I will try to help.

) Sorry if I seem snappy, it's just that it's really late and I can't sleep because of the fact that I'm stressing over this whole none updated-ness. As long as you don't delete the Minecraft folder in its entirely, a redownload of the game from your account history should only affect/update the game itself and not affect your file saves.