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If she’s got a rag on, I’ll move above; It won’t be long, she’ll slip it off.

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As rock critic Dave Marsh noted: In a culture that interprets puberty as a tragedy of lost innocence rather than as a triumphal entry into adulthood, the possibility of someone actually giving vent to sexual feeling remains deliciously scandalous.

Sex is bad, and somebody singing about it would be really bad.

Somebody, somewhere, came up with the idea of dirty “Louie Louie” lyrics not only as a way of putting on other kids and panicking authority, but as a way of creating something Perhaps the time was right, and if “Louie Louie” had not come along, some other song would have been tagged as the “dirty” one.

(After all, the word was already out that the Peter, Paul and Mary children’s song about a dragon named Puff was actually about drugs.) We’ll never know, because “Louie Louie” did indeed come along.

The two discs battled it out on the national charts at the end of 1963, with the Kingsmen’s version eventually emerging victorious and establishing itself as the definitive “Louie Louie.” What happened next was presciently covered by Marsh in his book-length exploration of the “Louie Louie” phenomenon: This preposterous fable bore no scrutiny even at the time, but kids used to pretend it did, in order to panic parents, teachers, and other authority figures.