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Pierce daniels wanted to 'do it' for free with us but we declined.

Casey Donovan - in the early 80's very sweet and a total pig who would do anything. Joey Stefano - a little too drugged when I did him. Damon Dogg - met him on the street and went to his hotel, I wanted a BJ but he wanted me to fuck him. ALSO -- Yes I know I'm a whore and I am Poz, healthy and I always disclose.

I then realized I was going to end up being late instead of early. I told him he was very good looking but I was meeting friends and had to run. (Me too, but at least I go once every 25 years.)Jeff was there. He was always VERY concern with people finding out he was bi.

He gave me this weird look, and it was just then that I realized who he was. I sort of wished I stood up my friends, and went with Joey imnstead, but I hadn't seen them in a while, and we ended up having a good time. Looked pretty good, in a tired ex-porn guy sort of way. So I don't think he would ever put himself in that position.

made me feel like I was imposing on his time)Matt Sizemore (Really great in bed)Fredrik Ford (sex just ok)Chase Hunter (hot, hot HOT!!! From Military Classified, I've had sex with Wesley and Jake. He followed us back to my friends apartment and he put on a little solo show for us. I think he was trying to tease us and then ask to be paid. He thinks he's street smart but he has absolutely no smarts (street or otherwise)and would not stop talking about himself. Kind of had that Charlie Brown persona but he was just an annoying leach. I met Ricky Martinez at Micky's (gay bar)in West Hollywood.