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Over 16 years ago a couple met on a Jewish dating site.

They got married, had some kids and decided that they wanted to give back in a meaningful way.

If you have a ring, but he hasn’t taken you to a tsimmer, five other women have probably worn that ring before you, and five more will after you. This is a measure that some girls in the Los Angeles area use to gauge a man’s interest in her.

I know it sounds horrible and cruel, but Israeli men don’t understand anything but horrible and cruel.

Actually it’s not horrible or cruel because these guys really do not want you to be nice to them.

Hi) I'm just looking for someone special, first of all someone to be interesting with.

I love this life: I think that every day is a gift and there is no time for spending it on useless things.

Whatever rotation or turnover you had when you met the guy should remain the same until he has actually taken you to the tsimmer and announced.