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ISBN 9780439865470 Genre: Urban Fiction Reading Level: Grades 9-12 Curriculum ties: Social Studies Awards: None Note: Book 2 in the Bluford High Series.

Lately, Darcy has been spending more time with Tarah and Cooper, the low-class people. Brisana considers them trash and unworthy of mingling with and ends her friendship with Darcy.

Plot summary: Brisana and Darcy have been best friends since freshmen year at Bluford High.

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Foolishly, probably as a result of reading a lot of books on Buddhism a few years ago, I explained to him that whilst he had been a dick, if he really was in pain or upset, then yes, he should talk to someone, and yes I would listen, but he really should go to friends or family. I’ve had an email about work…” proving several things to me.

He thanked me and apologised for the bad behaviour and that was it…all quiet and I carried on my Minxing. I decided to go all out and make a bit of an effort – this involved a long bath, razors 😉 and the good underwear. Of all of these things, I think flakiness annoys me the most.

Due to the high school setting, the language style is simple.

The story is short, which is one of the criticisms received by many readers.

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