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Robert Robinson Taylor (June 8, 1868 – 1942) was an American architect; by some accounts the first accredited African American Architect in the United States. He died while attending services at the Tuskegee Chapel, a building he considered his finest achievement. He was born on June 8, 1868 in Wilmington, North Carolina.Taylor enrolled at Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1888, the first African American student at MIT, and was associated with Tuskegee University once called Tuskegee Institute, designing most of the buildings on campus completed prior to 1932, and even serving as second-in-command to Tuskegee’s founder and first President, Dr. In 1888 he attended Massachusetts Institute of Technology.Until their divorce on 21 December 1971, she was the second wife of Hussein, the late King of Jordan. In 1966 her mother was one of four child advocates that created the Erikson Institute. in Psychology from Stanford University in 1978, and a Juris Doctor (J.

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After graduation Taylor did not head directly to Tuskegee.

Robert Taylor finally accepted the Tuskegee offer in the fall or winter of 1892.

Taylor’s own admiration for MIT as a model for Tuskegee’s development was conveyed in a speech that he delivered at MIT in 1911.

Taylor cited examples to the 1911 US Congress in a paper to illustrate the kinds of rigorous ideas, approaches, and methods that Tuskegee had adopted from MIT and successfully applied within the context of a black educational institution.

A number of other buildings followed, including the original Tuskegee Chapel, erected between 18.