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This beautiful memory I am going to share with you all is about me and my beautiful naughty neighbour Aruna.She was around 35 years old and me 20 years old when we first made love.Her gown was sticking to her curves very well and looking at all this and I was going crazy and just wanted to eat her that time and she was shivering as water was bit cold.

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To which I agreed and said won't happen again and I told her that I am going out now will talk to her later on.

Next day in noon time i made my point to go and see her.

I told her that since you are my girl friend I had to do it for you.

Aruna aunty said I did not say yes to you the other day dear but now I am your girl friend.

Aruna Aunty ( this what is use to call her normally ) mother of 3 kids had beautiful glowing skin naughty smile long black hair till her waist round big *** with 34 bra size.