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I can assure you this crime crosses every type of line we in civilized society have created. To prevent your account from being closed unnecessarily, you will have to update us with the following information’s below for propal verifications to prevent the unwarranted close of your email account.

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In addition, photos are exchanged, each party sharing the images of themselves and the people most important in his/her life.

All of this is created with the unknowing help of the victim and designed according to the answers we give to the questions the scammer asks.

After the relationship is solidified in the scammer’s mind and he or she is fairly certain that a victim can be controlled through the feelings of love and care that have been established, the money part of the scam occurs.

his person that one loves is still “stuck” in a foreign country and can’t wait to get on that plane to finally come home and spend “in real life” time with the true love of their dreams – their future husband or wife.

Members join and lurk for awhile sometimes trying to assimilate what has happened in some way to make it have sense to them. Once the proof and realization hits and denial must be put away, the victim is left destitute – totally crushed from the inside out emotionally, psychologically and sometimes physically and then for many, financially.