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Unfortunately the person I met was obviously in the exact same boat and I think neither of us was up for it.

He'd just got divorced and I ended up counselling him and by the end of the date I was telling him that he wasn't really ready to meet someone new and that he should probably stay in for a while.

Once, I met a random man in a bar who proceeded to chat me up.

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Internet dating seemed like a good idea; there's a huge cross- section of people out there and I had at least three friends who have married men they found on the internet, which was all quite encouraging. To be fair, it wasn't under the best circumstances.

I was doing it because I thought I ought to get over somebody.

Although it seems like a massive pool to choose from, when it gets down to what kind of person you want to meet and who wants to meet you, there's never actually a vast amount of choice. Soon after starting, I was thinking that maybe I was being too picky, maybe the 65-year-old from Lincoln was the one I should be going for. The problem, I soon discovered, is that there's something inherently peculiar about picking the characteristics of the person you want to date, because in real life the people you end up with almost never tick all those boxes.

With internet dating, you're encouraged to be very specific about what you want, but that means you're ignoring tons of people who might actually be perfect for you.

Instead you will get invited out by 65-year-olds from Lincoln with whom you have nothing in common.