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I'm shy a woman of few words and very adventurous loves travelling and trying you new things and loves God.

According to Imam Tajud-Din al-Subki (d.771AH), Imam Jamalud-Din al-Mizzi was born in the year 654 AH and died in the famous Darul Hadith al-Ashrafiyya (An Ashari institute) in the year 724 AH, and he was buried in the Sufi graveyard.

He was a colleague of the infamous Ibn Taymiyya (b.661 AH-d.728AH).

asalamu alaikum "I have debated with the Ash'aris and it has become clear to me that they believe that Allah does not exist" May Allah hasten the Muslims back to the path that granted victory to them story is most likely TRUE, but to use it to support the idea that al-Mizzi was an Ash'ari is nothing less than the deveils deception from two angles 1ash'aris themselves were responsible for imprisoning Haafidh al-Mizzi because he read the Khalq Af'aal al-Ibaad of Imaam al-Bukharee in public.

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