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The weekly development blog updates which discussed specific features each week can be found on the Gaslamp Games weblog or you can sign up for the mailing list for updates. And in doing that, we know the full scope of what we're dealing with in terms of game systems, which makes balancing for the release a viable goal - so much of that was done. Aside from many important fixes, one of the more interesting systems given some attention with colonists is traits.

Basically we went over the list and made sure they were doing something interesting - and (though this is covered in the UI section) traits were given more prominent UI pressence so that their gameplay effects get a unique string and are displayed in an attention-grabbing colour.

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A lot of effort was also put into further clarifying the relationships between game systems.

For instance the previously-mentioned Traits system now has better tooltips and positive (or negative) traits are displayed when they have a contextually important effect during Overseer assignment to buildings.

), but it's really important to have this resource in the game.

Especially for Clockwork Empires, because the whole concept of Overseers' relationship with assignments and Labourers is a bit of an unknown to new players.

There is, by the way, some discussion of dealing with questions of difficulty in this blog post from the past month.