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The beginnings of the settlement were very difficult with some settlers living in dug-outs and hollow trees at first.

POLES BECOME LANDOWNERS AND PARTICIPATE IN CIVIL AFFAIRS In 1857 the first Pole to buy land at Hill River was recorded under the surname of Niemiec.

For such close-knit families, the area named Hill River after William John Hill became their “New Little Poland”, with a Polish community forming around the church of Saint Stanislaus (Stanisław) Kostka, and a community school.

A POLISH FAMILY REUNION THROUGH A TREK NORTH Among the Polish group of 1856 were Stanisław Młodystach with his wife and three children, a brother of the 1844 migrant Szymon Młodystach and Szymon’s cousin, Casper Młodystach with his wife.

The Clare Valley (a 140km north of Adelaide, South Australia) is famous for its wines and food.

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