datingsitegratis be - Windows updating problem

If you’ve suffered this screen flashing problem, be sure to share your story in the comments after the article.

Firstly, we need to establish what might be causing the flickering screen.

Error when running the Cluster Updating Readiness Analyzer Error: Rule ID: 9 Title: A firewall rule that allows remote shutdown should be enabled on each node in the failover cluster Result: Error Problem: One or more failover cluster nodes do not have a firewall rule enabled that allows remote shutdown Impact: Cluster-Aware Updating may not be able to update this failover cluster.

An Updating Run that applies updates that require restarting the nodes may not complete properly.

So after setting both settings to not configured and doing a lot of GPUpdates / restarting of the windows update services, eventually I went from getting that error, to everything being back to normal.