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Remarriage will always end a claim for maintenance, but not for capital – for example, your share in the former marital home, if this has not already been resolved. In the interests of fairness, the courts need to carry out a detailed analysis of the family’s net worth, and also to assess how and when that worth was acquired.If that wealth is determined to be “matrimonial” it should be shared between the parties; but if it is “non-matrimonial” it could be excluded from the settlement.

In the majority of cases, of course, it is the husband who pays maintenance to the wife, but not always.

When wives are wealthier than their former husbands, the men are just as entitled to support.

Both parties may agree upon the payment of a lump sum in lieu of future maintenance.

Or they may agree that the time has simply come for the order to end, with the spouse who had been receiving support now able to manage alone.

So you’ve gone through the long and wrenching process of divorce and reached what for many is the final stretch: the financial settlement.