Are anthony jeselnik and amy schumer still dating

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So it’s better to just let them think that you’ve ignored everything. It’s funny that you mentioned the Beatles, because I read that the Rolling Stones had a policy: We don’t care what you write. I once had a chance to meet what’s-his-name, Jack White. Well, listen, congrats on the special, it’s fantastic as always, and I hope to see you soon.

We’re never going to sue you, we’re never going to make a statement about it. Today, I would say Run the Jewels, but of all time, I might have to go with the White Stripes. They played [the bass line of Seven Nations Army] at a Dodgers game, trying to hype the audience up.

Anthony Jeselnik: Jim, we like and respect each other, but we don’t really know each other. We once had an afternoon meal at Jimmy Carr’s house, and a cab ride. But what I did was, I actually watched your special. Yeah, watching your newest special, I could tell that you had seen Thoughts and Prayers … Seemed like a lot of that stuff was, I don’t want to say stolen but, certainly influenced by …[Laughs.] I watched it after, mind you.

Now, I’m really terrible at tweeting because I’ve got bad grammar and can hardly fuckin’ spell and I’m a moron and I don’t know the difference between their and there, and that type of bullshit.

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