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Sookie is quite accident prone in her passion for the great feasts she conjures up, which is where Lorelai's more organizational nature provide the two with a perfect balance, both as great friends, colleagues and later co-owners of The Dragonfly Inn.

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Sookie is bubbly, fun, quirky, enthusiastic, a brilliant chef and a great friend.

When first introduced Sookie is the chef at the Independence Inn, vehemently perfectionist with her food creations, and tends to create havoc in the kitchen when she is in top form.

As Mia had alluded to about a year earlier, she wishes to sell the Independence Inn when Lorelai and Sookie leave.

A fire at the Inn causes Mia to follow through, leaving Sookie and Lorelai unemployed.

No one ever saw it, but I just felt it was good for the character.”That’s right: in addition to what she remembers as more than 50 bow ties (one screen-printed with the Yale logo), Maben sewed a little “RG” into every one of Herrmann’s suits.