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Here you can track up-to-the-minute news on Johnny's current projects, browse Sleepy's breathtaking photo galleries, trade opinions with witty, friendly Depp fans from around the world on our forums, discuss his favorite books with our book club, or read vintage interviews--or JD's own writing--in the JDZ Archives. Johnny expressed enthusiasm for the project, calling the chance to make a sixth film with good friend Tim Burton “a great opportunity.” However, he warned the reporter that he “is not a singer.[. .] I would never ever claim to be a singer but I am willing to give it a shot, to see if it works,” Johnny explained.

Look into the Johnny Depp-Zone..predict you'll never want to leave. Nepales for the promotion of PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: DEAD MAN’S CHEST, Johnny Depp got to answer a few fresh questions. At a time when he could easily rest on his accolades and enjoy his box-office success, Johnny instead is finding new ways to stretch as an actor: “It is important to try stuff.” He is even considering Marlon Brando’s advice that he play Hamlet: “It is one of the more frightening ideas ever but I think it would be great to do Hamlet in a very small theater.” The Zone thanks gilly for posting the Nepales interview on the News & Views forum.

“It was not a long service,” one witness tells PEOPLE, “and very few people.” The ceremony was performed by the village mayor and “occurred just before noon and lasted only about 30 minutes. She wore a very pretty, very elegant dress.” Knightley’s choice for her big day?

A strapless tulle dress that came to her knees and a classic Chanel jacket.

(In truth, we don't know if she bares any responsibility on her own fate) But more over, Philip and Syrena provide a "solution" to the Will and Elizabeth dilemma, as a clergy boy falling in love with a mermaid is quite "ideal" to become the Captain of the Flying Dutchman, as the job is to "ferry the souls of the dead" to the other side...