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Initially, you could take a small negative hit on your credit score with debt consolidation due to the negative inquiry showing up on your credit report after applying for the loan and due to a “new debt” showing up on your credit after getting approved for the loan.

However, within a few months, your credit will illustrate an improvement in credit scores due to the “past debts” getting “paid in full”.

(See additional debt validation laws here) Debt validation does not deal with credit card accounts that are “current on monthly payments”– debt validation is only for third-party debt collection accounts.

However, clients who are current on their monthly payments will still join a debt validation program because they cannot remain current on their payments due to loss of income and financial hardship.

The good news is; credit card debt relief programs can; Some credit card relief programs can improve credit scores, while other debt relief options can lower your credit score.

The following infographic highlights the benefits and downsides of each credit card relief program so that you can start on a path to safely get out of credit card debt for 2018.

Or with a Discover credit card; Discover is likely to sue a person if they stop making monthly payments, so we wouldn’t put a client into a program that didn’t take that into consideration.