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The ceramic knife was so sharp that Becky felt nothing as it cut in. Rebecca's creamy buns and smooth shaven pussy were joys to behold. Removing another pair of flex-cuffs from his open briefcase, he fastened her slim wrists together behind the back of the chair. " Rebecca squealed harshly at her and Lillith shut up. She felt like she had been beaten from head to toe. The acne scarred matron looked down at her and smiled gently. It looked, actually, like a lot of princes were going to cum as the soldiers unstrapped her nubile young body from the gurney.

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She clamped her hand over the deep cut as Smedley moved like a cat behind her and held the white blade, dripping crimson, to her throat. "Summon security and I'll slice her throat open with one smooth easy stroke! " Lillith's fingers retreated hastily from their proximity to the button under her desk as Becky whimpered in Smedley's grasp. He pulled up on the stockings so that each ankle was pulled up along it's side of the chair and fastened them to the back. She was pinned on her back, spread-eagled and fully exposed.

Her eyes widened in horror as she saw the bright red, arterial blood spurting from her shoulder. Unfortunately for Becky, this was the moment Lillith decided to bluster. " Becky let out a small squeal as he jabbed the blade into her other shoulder. He pulled a pair of stockings out of the briefcase and tied one around each of Rebecca's shapely ankles. " Rebecca went ballistic, shreiking at fuckhead Lillith to shut up through her gag. An invasive army of hands delved in the moistness between her legs, squeezing her tits and fondling her bum as she was carried, screaming and squirming, to the bed.

Smedley took a roll of clear tape from his briefcase. "Let's see what you've got, Lillith." Lillith glared at him. A smirking line-up of soldiers waited by the bed for their crack at the American nookie.

"I'm afraid they have everything to with it, Lillith darling! He went to the bathroom, picked Becky's silk knickers up off the floor, held them to his nose and inhaled deeply, savouring the tangy musk. "Open your mouth nice and wide, Becky." Becky opened and he stuffed the panties in. " With Becky nicely wrapped up, he hurried over to Lillith, fuming futilely in her corner. "Now what did I say would happen if you emitted the smallest peep, much less an abusive blast? She whimpered and squirmed frantically in her chair as Smedley strode over, knife in hand. Knowing, invasive fingers worked cooking oil into her cunt to make her wet and much more rape-able.

Becky went deathly still as he rested the sharp tip of the stiletto blade against the underside of her breast where it met her chest. "I think Becky's suffered enough, but it's up to you. They're going to be stars of The Midnight Tour." Lillith had no clue as the what The Midnight Tour was, but she was willing to bet that Shannon and Ashley would hate it. "As my friend Father Mulcahy would say: it seems to be my job these days to convert the Lesbyterians to the Whorish faith! Once I do that, do you think that you can remove every stitch of clothing without making a peep? It's beginning to look like Lillith's a bit shy in front of a man. " Becky shook her head and glared fiercely at stupid, reluctant Lillith. Big breasts with dark red nipples shimmered liquidly as she shrugged off her bra and put it on the desk. Another pair of stockings came out of Smedley's briefcase and her ankles were tied back along either side and fastened to the back of the chair. Nikki, a delectable morsel, flushed prettily and squirmed uncomfortably. He gently stroked her cuntlips and rubbed her rectum. Nikki whimpered in terror as her slim gold earrings were removed from her pierced ears and two copper wires were threaded through in their place.