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The study, published in the Journal Adolescent Health, found some of the largest increases in the prevalence of oral and anal sex over the past decade were observed among those aged 16-18.Previous studies suggest anal sex has become more common among young people due to them having greater access to pornography, however, the researchers stress this is unclear.

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The findings were published in the Journal of Adolescent Health.

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Results show one in five straight women and one in four straight men between 16 and 24 had vaginal, oral or anal sex in 2010 to 2012 vs one in 10 in 1990 to 1991.

Past findings suggest an increase in access to pornography contributed to the surge in millennials having anal sex.

In a review of three UK studies of more than 45,000 aged between 16 and 74 years old over 12 years, researchers suggest teenage girls and young women are under increasing pressure to have anal sex even though they find it painful.