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I'm not sure if a poorly-functioning sensor had anything to do with it, but I am now back to where I was day-to-day last year.

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It is a 2-3 hour job at home, on ramps and you will need the special tool, (VW #T40055 or Snap On #FRXM-17) mentioned above. The easiest access is from above, once you locate it!!!

You still have to remove the belly pan and access the bottom to route the wires properly. Here are some basic steps: - safely raise car and remove belly pan.

(this would be a good thread to link to a FAQ for the error received...) I thought Id share my experience to any one else that might be considering.

I ordered the pre-turbo exhaust sensor from the dealer, $165, (same PN as Andreews writeup 03L-906-088L., with black Plug) and from, the VW socket #T40055.

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