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– Art I started interning for Chris when his company was in its infancy. Through long long nights Chris maintained a steadfast commitment to his students. It is amazing to see former clients become teachers, to see people shatter limiting beliefs and achieve things they never imagined.

This organization is a small gem stuffed with miracle workers. – Miles I took part in an intro class that was offered as part of a seminar, so I only went out with Chris for one night, and not even very long, but I was able to achieve amazing results.

You will learn how to lead the conversation to make your date feel that chemistry that women always talk about.

Unlock Your Natural Charisma [The Myth of Confidence] More important than confidence is being natural, engaging, genuine.

The classes also teaches teamwork, we all help each other get better and help each other in the field. Before taking the mastery class, my beliefs were limited.