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Attendance to hospital provides an opportunity for healthcare professionals to identify carers or to help people acknowledge that they are in a caring role.

Once identified, it is essential that carers are referred on to the Carer Support Team for advice, information and ongoing support in the community.

ATP loses the end phosphate group when told to do so by an enzyme. When energy is not immediately needed, the reverse reaction takes place and the phosphate group is reattached to the molecule - ATP is like a battery, storing energy when it is not needed but releasing it instantly when it is needed an arrhythmia where heart beats are grouped in a repeating pattern of twos, usually one normal beat followed by one beat where the heart contracts too soon - a PVC or PAC.

This is often followed by a pause while your heart resets its electrical system, resulting in a palpitation Body Mass Index - how fat you really are - see this page to calculate your own BMI.

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