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Once you become intimate with someone they should take care of you, and look after your needs and your wants.If you want to work that's fine, but being taken care of is not giving away your right as a woman to be independent. What does the media get wrong about Seeking that's where the allowance comes in, or the stipend. I'm 5'10'', blonde — I've been told I look a bit like Sharon Stone. The man who was married — did you ever have an encounter with his wife? She wanted the power, the prestige, the money, the social standing — but she didn't want anything to do with him.

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And then when you get to the meat of my profile, you can see it's not my first time at the rodeo, and that I know what I'm looking for. But also someone who can twist them into a pretzel in the bedroom. Everyone on there is going to be looking for something different.

You're going to find a lot of people who are just looking for basic relationships.

I have been in two long-term mutually-beneficial situations in the past.

My intention was to go on the site and meet like-minded people. My profile tends to intimidate, it's kind of a weeding out process. I'm older, but then I've found there's something for everybody and every taste, just like any typical dating site. The men that I tend to attract are very dynamic, successful, been-there-done-that kinds of men.

PARIS (AFP) - The Paris mayor's office has sought to ban a new dating website for wealthy men seeking to meet younger partners that has been accused of inciting students in the French capital to prostitute themselves.

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    You can find models from Bangkok and Filipina women from Manila here, as well as from many smaller cities with internet connection.

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    Feel free to email me and we can swap pics and vids. I'm straight/ curious and have always loved looking at different cocks. A 58 year old bi male would like to meet and see whats up.

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