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Kathleen goes on to explain in her Plantiff's Motion to Enjoin Dissipation of Assets that her estranged husband has been the 'sole source of funds to support the family throughout the entirety of the parties' marriage.'She claims that Hunter's office had been sending her a monthly transfer of approximately $17,000 for herself and their three daughters - Naomi, Finnegan and Maisy - but that this amount was drastically decreased to just $7,500 in October of last year.

And while he was decreasing the money to his estranged wife and children, Hunter 'secretly continued to spend lavishly' according to Kathleen's motion, and at one point 'instructed a large payment of marital income ($122,179) be made to a TD Bank account in his sole name.'That money could not be touched by Kathleen or Hunter's office according to the filing, which then claims: 'On information and belief, taxes were not withheld from these funds.'Hunter later dissipated the funds however according to court papers.

That is over a year after Kathleen claims she and Hunter formally separated in October 2015, which was three months after she kicked him out of their home on July 5, 2015 because of 'his conduct the night before.' Kathleen does not detail that conduct in her filing, which would have occurred one month after Hunter lost his brother Beau to brain cancer.

The divorce papers cite 'irreconcilable differences between the parties concerning Defendant's conduct' as the reason for terminating the union.

The pair stayed close to one another in photos of the trip, and later Joe spoke sabut how much he loved his son and daughter-in-law during his speech.'Ladies and gentlemen, distinguished guests, citizens of the Republic of Kosovo, you've been sitting a long time in the hot sun here.