Dating women with emotional problems

Group differences approaching large effect sizes are likely to have clinical significance.

Screening was conducted with consecutive female patients on 3 half-days per week in each of the clinic waiting rooms for a duration of ∼2 months.

Only data on health correlates of physical victimization were reported in that study.

Four social support items include (time well-balanced between work, family, and play; relationship with friends; relationship with partner; someone to discuss personal problems with).

Inclusion criteria for the emotional abuse group included women who reported being emotionally abused by their partner or ex-partner within the previous year and did not indicate physical abuse within the previous year by partner, ex-partner, or non-partner.

Psychological symptoms include 6 depression items (exhausted or fatigued most of the time, felt blue, lonely or depressed, more irritable than usual, frequent crying spells, suicidal ideation) and 2 anxiety items (difficulty trying to calm down or relax and overly anxious or worrying a lot).