Is usher dating kelly rowland

He was a coach in season four of the US series, where his act Michelle Chamuel came second, before being victorious in series six with his team's singer Josh Kaufman.

And the hitmaker knows how to sniff out talent, after all he is the man who helped discovered global superstar Justin Bieber.

The song is also known as an Internet meme in Hong Kong after it was parodied online. Louis producer Bam handed Nelly a skeleton track which producer Ryan Bower produced, which samples and contains elements from Patti La Belle's "Love, Need and Want You" from her 1983 album I'm In Love Again.

Upon hearing the beat, he began writing lyrics and then wrote a song out from it.

"Dilemma" was released as the first single from the album, which served as a propeller for her solo career.

"Dilemma" is Rowland's first international solo single away from the group: she had previously appeared on R&B singer Avant's single "Separated", which was released in the United States in July 2000. All Music reviewer Jason Birchmeier noted it as one of "three well-calculated, standout" tracks in the album.

As part of their strategy, each member's albums were to be staggered with member Beyoncé Knowles releasing in October 2002 and Rowland's album expected in early 2003.