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But it was not the sense of occasion alone, the ear-splitting roar of the crowd, or the flag-waving frenzy that made my heart swell with pride.

Instead it was the dawning realisation that here, at the London Olympics, I was truly witnessing the Olympic ideal.

And what a source of pride it has been for me that it is we British who are preserving, at our home-grown Games, the rich and uplifting tradition that is the Olympic ideal.

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(And here I can totally empathise with his plight, having finished in the same position at the 1952 Games in Helsinki, a bitter blow.) Greene was gracious in defeat and said simply: ‘I am sorry I couldn’t win GB a medal. No athlete worth his or her salt smokes or drinks and eats to excess. They display true respect for their bodies, for the punishing hours of training, the sacrifices they have made to push themselves beyond endurance.

If our young people emulate those they have been watching with such fascination – whether from the stadium or at home on television – in the past fortnight, it would be a tremendous result.

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The 30th Olympiad has been a dizzying success that has confounded its critics and exceeded all expectations.