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Altman plans to replace the Fellowship with a MOOC, or Massive Online Open Course, in 2017. It is a nonprofit research lab focused on work that requires a very long time horizon, seeks to answer very open-ended questions, or develops technology that shouldn’t be owned by any one company.

In September 2013, Paul Graham announced Y Combinator would fund nonprofit organizations accepted into its program after having tested the concept with Watsi (while continuing to fund mostly for-profit startups).

On 11 August 2016, YC announced that YC partners will be visiting 11 countries this fall to meet with founders and learn more about how we can be helpful to international startup communities.

In January 2015 it was announced that Paul Buchheit would be named managing partner for Y Combinator's core program and Kevin Hale would be the managing partner for the Fellowship.

As of February 2015, additional Y Combinator partners are Dalton Caldwell, founder of imeem and app.net; Jared Friedman, founder of Scribd; Kevin Hale, cofounder of Wufoo; Aaron Harris, cofounder of Tutorspree; Justin Kan, cofounder of Exec, and Justin.tv; Attorneys Carolynn Levy and Jon Levy; Kat Manalac; Kirsty Nathoo; Geoff Ralston, creator of Rocketmail; and Michael Seibel, cofounder of Socialcam.

Despite continuing to lose in tag-team matches on television, Roma entered 1987 on an overall hot streak, defeating preliminary wrestlers Randy Colley, Steve Lombardi, and Frenchy Martin to go 10-0-1 on house show matches between January and March 1987.