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During this meeting, the woman was excitedly presenting her mother with an e-reader.

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You may think of someone in your life who fits the description of the woman in the title of this column or of the woman I met last week in that hotel lobby.

What comes to your mind when you think of such a woman? If you're like so many people, your initial reaction might be to think of this woman as lonely, sad, maybe even pathetic -- an old maid.

Oftentimes, it's this external pressure, not any internal anxiety, that instigates their feelings of frustration and anxiety about marriage.

Imagine having to constantly to reassure people, "I'm happy, trust me. I really am." Let's leave the women who are incredibly happy and don't see or need a relationship and consider the women who have a desire to get married and are seeking a partner.

Last week, I was sitting in a hotel lobby waiting to meet with a friend.