help dating abuse - Denon dn mc6000 updating firmware

) Hey guys, what of the Mic section of the controller? Am using Denon mc6000 mk2 while waiting on this might controller mxc8000. I've been testing the MCX8000 out for the last couple days to make sure it can be used at a live gig. Rich went above and beyond today to correct the distortion issue I was experiencing.

On my 6000mk2, when the Mic vol is at 0, you can still talk over the microphone which i don't like and Denon rep said thats the way it was built. Yes, it is frustrating when an expensive piece of DJ equipment does not work right.

There is a lot to talk about so I will break it down into two categories… Build Quality: The unit is SOLID with an all metal construction. All music tag info like name, artist, bpm, key and the music wave forms can be easily seen. That means I need to be able to depend on the unit with no freezes or crashes. Happily, the Denon MCx8000 ran smoothly for the entire 3 hours of testing.

Denon's stock cross fader on the MCx8000 is smooth and has a really good sharp cut. The fader can also be replaced with a mini innofader. I purposely switched between Engine 1.5 and SDJ 1.8.2 constantly to see if I would experience any issues.

I will provide an update once I hear back from Denon and Serato Support. I'm really trying to give SDJ a chance but all the issues I've experienced so far make me question that decision. I received a controller from the first release batch so it's definitely possible that there is another firmware update. You can NOT hear anything with the Mic volume turned to 0. I use an EV R300 Mic and a shure SM58 wireless mic. *UPDATE* Round 3 of the Denon MCx8000 testing has begun.