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Amongst the rest of the soft core, late night sex shows that have given Skinemax it's reputation, "Confidential" is a damn near mind-blowing creation. It's the closest thing the network has ever come to a real show- and a fun one at that.

The thing about porn, is that the traditional standards and rules don't apply.

And even at that, what are the odds it will be as much pure fun as "Co-Ed Confidential".

It's the first porn series strong enough with characters and story to deserve a mainstream DVD release.

I can honestly say I've never, ever, seen anything like that.

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    Usually the spark transmitter very low power and the high voltage was supplied by an air-driven generator that was mounted in the struts of the landing gear. Communications was primarily for aiming ground artillery during late-WWI.

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    "Taylor has been secretly house-hunting in London just so she can be closer to Joe,” an insider revealed.

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    As I slipped behind the wheel again a figure appeared at the window, a beefy thirty-something with a gelled-up soccer star hairdo: Ivo. Fourteen years post-war, Bosnia and Hercegovina (Bi H) is still warring in its collective psyche, a country of deep enmities, chronic corruption and political deadlock, but I haven’t yet had a bad experience with a hitchhiker. He began to thrust his middle finger into the clenched pussy of his other hand: “In Mostar, maybe…? We passed a motel and he gestured at it, then did a different mime, his palm slap-humping the opposite fist.