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These regulations are an addition to, not a replacement of, the existing rules.

Persons who wish to dispense controlled substances using electronic prescriptions must select software that meets the requirements of this rule. §1311 may be used by DEA-registered pharmacies to electronically receive and archive controlled substances prescriptions and dispense controlled substances based on those prescriptions.

When a pharmacist fills a prescription in a manner that would require, under 21 C. When a prescription is received electronically, the prescription and all required annotations must be stored electronically.

When a pharmacist receives a paper or oral prescription that indicates that it was originally transmitted electronically to the pharmacy, the pharmacist must check the pharmacy’s records to ensure that the electronic version was not received and the prescription dispensed.

For example, until the audit or certification report indicates that the pharmacy application can import, display, and store both a hospital DEA number and the individual practitioner’s extension number, the pharmacy must not accept electronic prescriptions that include only a hospital DEA registration number.

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