10 most intimidating venues in the world

Opened: 1966 Capacity: 15,411 OK, so the real name is "University Arena", but calling it that would be kinda like referring to Heisenberg as Walter White.

And "Pit" is a much better description of how you feel on the steep descent from the stadium's entrance down to the basketball floor.

Opened: 1965 Seats: 13,800 It's great only because of the history involved.

Coach Wooden didn't believe in home court advantages and designed an arena with seats far from the court, which, even after a 2011 renovation, leaves the best part of this arena as the banners in the rafters and Leo Di Caprio on the sidelines.

Big 12 teams got shut out of the four-team playoff (Hint: everybody loves Urban Meyer), and 2) Every other school starts turning its attention to basketball.