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Rendered with all the period-correct details of an early ’60s Les Paul/SG Special, with Townshend’s preferred hardware complement, this model represents the early ’60s SG Special with a smaller pre-’65 pickguard (5-ply B/W/B/W/B) that Townshend used for the first British Quadrophenia shows in late 1972 and early ’73, before switching to a Gibson Les Paul Deluxe for the remainder of the ’70s.

In November 2005, Gibson released the third (in series of three) Signature Gibson Les Paul Deluxes, based on Pete’s #9 1976 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe, in Heritage Cherry Sunburst finish.

The guitar features the typical modifications of Pete’s prototype 1975/76-era three-pickup Les Paul Deluxes, with an added Di Marzio Super Distortion pickup in the middle position with black surround, one added toggle control for the middle pickup, though without the Letraset numbering and additional phase toggle switch that came with the final set of 1975/76-era three-pickup Les Paul Deluxes.

And unlike the originals, this guitar features an extra fretboard inlay on the first fret, and the body weight relief via seven body holes, a feature not introduced by Gibson until the 1980s.

(Thanks to Gibson Montana and rock icon Pete Townshend have recreated the 1960s J-200 that he used to pen such classic hits as “Pinball Wizard” from The Who’s 1969 rock opera Tommy and “Won’t Get Fooled Again.” The Townshend SJ-200 Limited has a spruce top with a flamed maple body, Madagascar rosewood fingerboard is augmented with a solid Moustache bridge for added volume and mother of pearl crown inlays and “P. neck with Madagascar rosewood fingerboard and mother-of-pearl Crown inlays and a Pete Townshend signature; 1960s-style Madagascar rosewood 1960s-style moustache bridge with mother-of-pearl inlays (Note: No Tune-o-matic metal adjustable bridge, as the 1968 Gibson J-200 featured.); gold “Kidney Bean” Grover tuners; Fishman electronics. Signature and issue number decal on back of headstock; “tour worn” faded cherry finish.