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' data-caption='' data-title='Dalhousie University Club' data-alt='cool wedding venues - university club' data-size-thumb=' data-size-large=' data-size-full=' data-size-large-width='1000' data-size-large-height='688' data-image_meta='[]' data-permalink=' data-slug='wedding-venue-ideas-university-club' data-enable-edit-link='0' data-edit-link-url='0' Instead of a restaurant, try a university club We love: Dalhousie University Club Every major campus across the country has a university club, and they're often beautiful historic buildings that are available to rent for private events like weddings (even if you're not a member!The Dalhousie University Club boasts 30-foot vaulted ceilings in the Great Hall and can accommodate between 40 and 200 people.

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'Against her better judgement' Miss Wolfe carried on with the relationship which limped on until around 12 December 2013.

'Despite her clear intentions in breaking up with him, Mr Mateen instructed Ms Wolfe to be "a good girl" and stay away from other men for a period of six months during which time he would evaluate her to determine whether she was "worthy" of being with him, or whether she was the "slut" that he considered her to be before she met him.' Serious allegations: Wolfe's suit claims co-founder Justin Mateen (pictured here center with executive Jonathan Badeen on right) called her a whore in front of Tinder CEO Sean Rad (left), and stipped her of her title because having a '24-year-old girl' co-founder made the company 'seem like a joke' In the suit which chronicles the downward slide of both Mateen and Miss Wolfe's personal and working relationship she alleges that her former lover and boss told her she was 'disgusting,' told her not to look at him with her 'ugly eyes' and informed others in the company that she had a drinking problem.

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One clash in which Mateen 'lashed out at Miss Wolfe and accused her of "destroying the balance of power" between him and Mr Rad,' became so heated and 'outrageous' that an onlooker from an apartment directly behind the TInder offices allegedly urged Mateen to stop.