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Overall, this also helped Obama secure a high number of first time voters; 71% of whom voted Democrat.

Mc Cain only managed to secure 29% of first-time voters, compared to 53% for John Kerry in 2004. adults - about 30 million - are Catholic and 54 per cent of them voted for pro-abortion Obama as opposed to 46 per cent for Mc Cain.

a relationship with a white partner and just over three per cent of all people in the UK are now mixed race, and I believe this will have a knock-on effect on our health to the point where genetic conditions specific to a particular racial group would become less common.‘Cystic fibrosis is a disease inherited in the white community, not the African community, so if you have a couple where one of them is African then it is unlikely CF would be passed on to any child that they have.’Other diseases prominent within the European population that could see numbers drop as mixed-race partnerships grow are coeliac disease, muscular dystrophy and haemophilia but Dr Wilson warns: ‘The major killers such as cancer and heart disease will continue to exist.

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Mc Cain only took 31% of the Hispanic vote, despite courting them heavily in his campaign.

Obama used techniques such as Spanish-language adverts to win the Hispanic voters over, many of whom had grown disgruntled with the Bush administration.56% of the female vote went to Obama, exceeding the usual Democrat advantage.

Mc Cain also lost ground on rural voters, with the votes split 51-47 in his favour.53% of voters who earned $200,000 or more in 2007 voted for Obama.

Mc Cain - who was expected to triumph amongst the wealthy, succeeded in polling only 45% of these voters.73% of white evangelicals backed Mc Cain and 25% backed Obama.

‘So you can have African hair and very white skin, which is very striking because it’s so rare, or you could have a dark-skinned baby with European-style hair.

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