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@bardgeek on both Twitter and Instagram • Website: Aaron • Twitter-sized bio: Freelance actor and director who is committed to bringing the audience's imagination into the theatrical process. That was the moment I realized that musical theatre could be something deeper and more meaningful than I previously thought.

And that I didn't have to choose between being an actor and being a musical-theatre performer. He was the perfect blend of technique, imagination, grace and courage. A sense that the world is not as scary as prime-time TV would have us believe.

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Things were a little awkward as we sat in his car, trying to make small talk. • Your worst first-date story: Back in college, during the dark ages of Facebook (temporally, not socio-politically), I attempted to use my cell phone to look up an acquaintance with whom I’d be going on a first date that evening. When my family moved there just after my seventh birthday, the town claimed fewer than 300 people. In 2003, a tour I was doing ended and I came to Denver to take a three-month contract playing Seymour in . Oh, and I hope that at least one person laughs hard enough to pee a little. • Your best first-date story: Driving down to Albuquerque to meet the woman with whom I now love and share my life. I have been so fortunate to call the Denver Center (and especially The Galleria Theatre) my theatre home for 17 years now.

Then things got He went into great detail about the personalities of his demonic captors, and how they affected his daily life. Instead of typing her name into the search bar, I accidentally posted it, like a total creep, prominently atop my profile page where it remained for the duration of a recital I had just stepped on stage to perform. There's a sign on the city limits that reads "Welcome to Martelle! But I remember them as being the nicest 300 people on Earth. But you should totally feel free to "friend" me on the Facebook if you'd like. The plan was for me to do the show and hit the road again. I hope you come to the show with someone you have a big ol' crush on ... • Your worst first-date story: Ohmigosh, you guys, no lie: When I read this question, I immediately started to sweat. An award-winning film actor as well, (three-time Best Actor-48 Hour Filmmaking Project/Special Screening Cannes), he recently appeared alongside Hollywood legends, Robert Redford and Jane Fonda, in the Netflix feature . • Your worst first-date story: When she said, “I'm not a big reader. I feel truly blessed to have been able to do what I do so frequently at this incredible place.

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Whenever I'm feeling to big for my britches I can just look down and be reminded of what true genius is, and it motivates me to keep working harder. (That's the Japanese word for "change for better.") .