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We've been stunned at how quickly the market has grown this year and have been delighted with IOMO's success to date.

Our strategy of focusing entirely on the downloadable mobile sector and designing games specifically to be played on mobile handsets is proving very successful as the market continues to flourish.

To bolster the publicly available content, SPOn G's video games data feed delivery service ties the all important barcode to the relevant box shot / packaging, publisher and release date, along with the RRP and release type (Initial Release, Platinum, Player's Choice, etc.), providing single, coherent SKU for each game released - all provided in a single package that's easy to import into your on-line store or back-office system.

The uses don't just stop at on-line retail; without SPOn G's games content the identification and selection of products would be a lengthy process for the many non-specialist and temporary staff employed by our clients in the insurance, warehouse and distribution sectors.

If you want to know more about our unrivalled content delivery and how it will generate sales while saving you money, get in touch.