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And this somehow enables your eyes to go red and dry for a minute, hence enabling them to water for the duration of the time. I missed fantastic nights out simply because, when my skin was really bad, I couldn’t face seeing anyone. All my buddies were meeting girls and I could not talk to any of them as a result of the way I looked. When I was at my worst, I could not sleep properly and I eventually went to my GP to request some sleeping tablets. He explained that the acne was causing my sleep issues. I was not totally covered, but I absolutely felt that way.

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While we were waiting in line for our tickets, we saw a girl from college behind the counter. I see these same people come out of the bathroom without washing their hands. But I was even embarrassed of being in my own home without makeup.

Mind you that this particular girl was your common bitch who slept with everybody and treated everyone like dirt. The individuals that say this don’t understand what it’s like to even have a single pimple. So I would then re-apply much more foundation and concealer simply to sit around the house. There was a time in high school when a guy told me Most embarrassing ever was probably after a night out a few years ago.

Nothing at all.[/notice]And my acne usually becomes worse just before it gets better. What a stupid thought, praying to God for clear skin.

My face and upper body is actually a mix of acne scars and red nodular acne. Maybe if I visit church or something I will get prettier.

Acne usually results in feelings of anxiety, embarrassment, and avoidance of social situations.