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I even take days off work as I can’t face anyone and cover up all mirrors in the house just so I don’t get a look at my awful face.

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Also, because part of my course needed me to go on hikes, I was unable to hide at least some of the splotchy, lumpy redness with makeup.

It meant I was entirely exposing my skin for what it was, and I had trouble.

I stammered and tried to incoherently babble my way out of it, but no luck.

I sat there as this girl removed my makeup with who knows what kind of blocking facial cleanser. The embarrassing part is the fact that they somehow were able to join a penis together. The worse thing was that we finished most of the spirits the night just before so it was practically not possible to rub it off.

They said I could stay there for the next hour until my bus was due.

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