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However, in January, Leaked Source revealed that 1,503,707 ESEA records had been added to its database and that leaked records included a great deal of private information: registration date, city, state, last login, username, first and last name, bcrypt hash, email address, date of birth, zip code, phone number, website URL, Steam ID, Xbox ID, and PSN ID.

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The criminal was able to gain access to the personal information of 4.8 million job seekers, including full names, birth dates, and Social Security numbers.

Activity was uncovered in the ten states that use the America’s Job Link system: Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, Delaware, Idaho, Illinois, Kansas, Maine, Oklahoma, and Vermont.

UNC Health Care revealed that women who had completed pregnancy home risk screening forms at prenatal appointments between 20 at the Women’s Clinic at N. Women’s Hospital and UNC Maternal-Fetal Medicine at Rex may have mistakenly had their personal information transmitted to local county health departments.

Breached information included full names, addresses, races, ethnicities, Social Security numbers, and a variety of health-related information.

Thankfully, the “good guys” found the information—in this situation, it was Chris Vickery, a security researcher for Mac Keeper—and reported everything to the proper authorities.