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At his summer job he is seduced by the 36-year old single mother Sanne.

The movie's casual treatment of sexuality involving adults and a 15-year-old is kind of disturbing at first, but kudos to Alan Brown (director and writer) for getting away with it.

He handles it right - it never nears exploitation - and as a result the story doesn't seem cheap and tacky like "Intimacy." However my problems lie with the script itself.

"Gentlemen, thank you for your imput: I take full responsibiliy for this operation, of course. Prince now; she may not wish to volunteer for such a demanding mission. Chet, as CIA head at the embassy, was the only one who knew Dianne’s secret identity: Wonder Woman. In only three or four minutes, she climaxed, moaning. Coming out of her post coital half swoon, her eyes widened. He lifted her to her feet, more gently now, and held her close.

I’ll set up the decoy thing, but I hope you’re right." "Yeah" said Mike: "Or else see the most gorgeous ass I’ve ever seen disappear into the sands of Arabia forever." Leo smiled, concurring. She tried to organize her thoughts, her proper response to this awful--Ummm! She squirmed, now answering his lunges with thrusts of her own.

See full summary » A young couple, Elaine Walker and David Walker, meet a lonely 15-year-old named Chet Becker in an ice-cream shop, and they become friends.