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Joshua Harris's books validated three main things for me: The Value of My Life Independent of a Partner When I read Boy Meets Girl I was still fairly determined to stay single, and it was clear from Harris's perspective that was a valid way to live one's life.

Harris reiterates that God loves every person whether or not they're in a relationship, and that your value doesn't come from being in a relationship.

” ― Joshua Harris, “Instead of rushing foolishly into a marriage because of impatience or one day looking back at our season of singleness with regret, let’s commit to using our singleness to its fullest potential. Let’s rejoice in it and enjoy its opportunities today.

Danielle at From Two to One and I responded that we'd read his books, taken valuable advice from them, and both ended up in healthy relationships married to feminist men. You may remember that I actually recommended one of Joshua Harris's books, Boy Meets Girl, in my first ever Three Books on Thursday post on Three Books Every Couple Should Read, with the caveat that I don't agree with all his views.

She was trying to get it through my head that I could just have a "fling" with someone, that I was 18 and it wasn't worth taking my relationships so seriously.