online dating security issues - Dating lame

Now that I’m writing it all out, it’s funny because that doesn’t sound like a nice guy it just sounds like a good person; but anyway back to the topic at hand…. I think we are mixing up with LAMES (explanation will soon follow); and to me lames deserve to finish last!

How often have you heard the saying “Nice guys finish last”? Ok, ok, ok, calm down fellas, allow me to explain myself.

Chances are, he doesn’t plan on asking you out on a second date, he just wants sex, so he pressures you for it all night until you relent – or until he gets a message from the girl he texted while you were in the bathroom as a backup in case you said no.

He won’t put you out of your misery, he’ll just make you feel like his obnoxious behavior is all your fault, so it’s up to you to leave. And if he IS a pimp, he needs to be beaten with a whiffle ball bat, because that’s just stupid.

Men who brag about how much sex they’re having in order to impress their friends are lame, and even MORE lame if they brag about it to OTHER women.

Instead of actually trying to accumulate real life experiences, he simply talks about them in theory, making him a corny clown – and a lazy one. He’s a “Commodity” This is the worst type of jerk – the one who believes he is entitled to behave like one because he bought into the “there are no good men” theory, and feel that women have no choice but to date him.

He has a high paying job, a nice home and a cool ride – and he makes all of this known to you.

Personally, I think there’s a special place in Hell for these guys, but that’s just me.