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Due to their size and longevity, baobabs are important landmarks in Senegal’s dry savanna plain, which generally lacks other types of natural spatial markers such as hills or streams.

Some ancient baobabs are true historical landmarks in that they predate human settlement as recorded in oral histories.

More serious research on the history of these capitals would require partnership with an oral historian and an archaeologist. According to recorded oral tradition, Mboul, Kayor’s first capital, was founded in the second half of the 16th century when a Muslim cleric named Amadi Dia, at the behest of Amari Ngoné Sobel (king) of Kayor, attached a talisman to a pigeon and set it loose.

The first tree on which the pigeon alighted was designated as the palaver tree at the center of the public square of the new capital.

In effect, a variety of monumental trees marked the configurations of Senegal’s most important pre-colonial settlements, its royal capitals.